Code Recon

A Frontline Programming Report

  1. Completed WUDS System


    Take a look at my most recent project, the Wireless User Detection System! What began as a chance to learn more about Python turned into a great project that taught me all kinds of other tools. In essence, the WUDS system will monitor all WiFi traffic in the area for either specific or unsual wireless devices and then alert the administrator by text message. I walked through everything from programming to hardware compatibility to build something useful. Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

    - Last updated 7 days ago
  2. Further Down the River

    Not sure how many hits I've had yet but analytics are coming soon! Perhaps there is a Rails gem for that.

    This week has brought a couple more working links to the site. I plan to have all of the main links at least pointing to a basic description here shortly. I have hashed out little bit more as to how the structure of this site will work. These front page posts will likely be reserved for one off thoughts and ideas as I hope to create individual write-ups for each of the larger projects and to include updates on how they are progressing, issues that crop up, and how I have solved them.

    I am currently reading through Practical Object Oriented Design In Ruby and have concluded that I may have over designed a little bit for what this site is currently doing. I would be more than pleased if it were to fill out it britches, although the design aspect has likely already payed for itself in furthering my understanding of MVC in Rails.

    Also this week, I learned why The Odin Project referred to Rails Guides so often. These guides and walkthroughs are so thorough and helpful. If I were to go back through it again though, I think I would probably save them until I had finished the Hartl Tutorial, as they made so much more sense this time through. Actually, another full readthrough of the guide now probably wouldn't hurt.

    Now don't change that dial! We'll be back in a minute.

    - Last updated about 1 month ago
  3. Welcome, Traveler of the Internet

    Six months ago I decided to become a programmer.

    This is my first post to my own website.

    To build this site I have used

       PostgresQL and SQlite3(through ActiveRecord),
       Sublime Text3,
       and both Ubuntu and Mint Operating systems.

    To get to this point I have also been introduced to the basics of

       Web Scraping,
       Algorithms and Data Scructures.

    All of which I am sure will make an appearance here eventually.

    In the future I hope to experiment and explore

       Virtual Box's,
       Virtual Reality,
       Cluster and Parallel computing

    All of these skills continue to require improvement which is only gained through constant use.
    I am a builder, this is my toolbox, it will continue to grow.

    Previously, I had minimal exposure to C++ and Java. This endeavor began with the Odin Project as I steadily increased my daily use of the website until it became a thing of habit. TOP gave me everything necessary to build web applications and required about 4 months to really feel comfortable with. I have since built a couple minimal websites to test my skills. This is the first in full production. The Hartl Tutorial has also been essential to my success and the Everyday Utilitarian's commentary on TOP, as well as learning to program in general, has been indispensable. Stack Overflow is very focused, which is good, just answers, not much commentary. And Hacker News has been a consistent fountain of inspiration for what is truly possible with software. Best of luck.

    - Last updated about 1 month ago